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We are a community of Business professionals who are actively working to integrate technology and automation into our workplace to make our organizations more competitive in an increasingly global business environment.

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web4biz is a community of business professionals who are actively working to integrate Internet and mobile technology into their respective organizations. Through engaging and sharing with each other they are able to make informed, intelligent decisions about the type and scope of technology needed to make their companies more competitive and profitable.

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The Interactive Internet Certificate program provides a course of study for those seeking to better understand and utilize the fundamentals aspects of the 21st century internet for business, employment and advancement. This program is also designed to serve working professionals and small, medium and micro business owners who are seeking to utilize the Internet to create or grow their business or work....
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"It is now more critical than ever that small businesses make effective, rational decisions. Effective and rational use of the internet is no exception." This is a high level executive workshop that leads you through the maze of todays new media alternatives and brings you safely home to what your business is all about, the best way to serve your customers
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To be effective, Legislative office staff must increasingly understand the advances, the etiquette and the utilization by constituencies of the various social media, interactive internet applications and mobile technologies that are rapidly impacting the process of communication and the very nature and functionality of government